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Statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry regarding the developments in Ukraine

The Georgian Foreign Ministry expresses its extreme concern regarding the recent developments in Crimea, Ukraine. Russia declared its decision to deploy additional troops in Crimea, Ukraine on the pretext of protecting the lives of its citizens, until the situation is "normalized" - a decision, which in fact amounts to the launch of aggression against sovereign and independent Ukraine, ironically by Russia, which, along with the United States of America and Great Britain, is guarantor of Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and inviolability of borders under the Budapest Memorandum dated 5 December 1994. The Georgian Foreign Ministry calls on the international community to take speedy measures to prevent escalation of the situation and urges for immediate stop to any attempt to encroach on the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Because otherwise, the processes, if continued, will have deplorable consequences and this intervention may become a lead-in to yet another occupation - an ordeal we have already come through. It exactly follows the pattern in which Russia launched its aggression in Georgia, which had disastrous consequences for the country - ending in the occupation of its territories, and the international community still remains unable to bring Russia to comply with its obligation to withdraw troops from Georgia. This decision of the Russian Authorities poses a serious threat to regional security and once again points to the importance for Russia to undertake a non-use of force commitment with respect to Georgia, and the necessity of immediately carrying out international security measures. The Georgian Foreign Ministry calls on the international community to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine. Otherwise, instability may spread from Ukraine to the entire region and entail dire consequences for all. 

Tbilisi, 1 March 2014

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